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Donation for an intercession

Would you like to commemorate an important person or loved one who has passed away as part of a Mass of the Salvatorian religious community? Do you have a special anniversary or an important occasion to which you want to dedicate a Mass?

In a Holy Mass of the Salvatorian religious community you can fulfill these wishes spiritually.

And this is how easy it works:


Order Holy Mass

Use our contact form to order a Mass intention as part of the Eucharist celebrations of the Salvatorians in Steinfeld Monastery

Your Mass intention

Please use the contact form to let us know what you mass intention is, if necessary with the desired date.

Donation for an intercession

Transfer to the account of the "Koster Steinfeld" Foundation, please enter the keyword "Mass intercession" under reference.

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Donation for an intercession

Martin Reinicke

Your personal contact:

Martin Reinicke

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Telefax: +49 (2441) 889-128

More options for your donation

You can support us in different ways

Online – Donation

Donation at an event

Donation for an intercession

Donation on occasion of a company meeting

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