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Donation on occasion of a company event

We welcome companies that would like to support our social, cultural or spiritual goals with a donation.

This can be, for example, collections as part of your company celebrations, company donations instead of customer gifts or use of company anniversaries – to name a few typical company events.

And this is how easy it works:


Type of corporate donation

Define your procedures:
- Money donation
- Support for concrete projects
- Donations of sales proceeds or services
- Donations as part of company anniversaries or special activities of your company

Your Goal

Contact us to specify the project to be funded and your referral by keyword.

Donation Process

Transfer to the donation account, stating the agreed project and the agreed keyword.

Darlehnskasse Münster eG
IBAN: DE03 4006 0265 0300 3004 00

Company Donation

Martin Reinicke

Your personal contact

Martin Reinicke


Telefon: +49 (2441) 889-0
Telefax: +49 (2441) 889-128

More options for your donation

You can support us in different ways

Online – Donation

Donation at an event

Donation for an intercession

Donation on occasion of a company meeting

set up a sub-foundation

to inherit