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Set up your own Sub-Foundation

The Steinfeld Monastery Foundation was set up in 2004 with the aim of promoting institutions and apostolates run according to the ideals of the Salvatorians, especially at Steinfeld Monastery.

In addition to the realization of the purpose through its own support of the Salvatorians in various areas, the Steinfeld Monastery Foundation can also function as an umbrella foundation for other independent or dependent foundations.

Umbrella foundations act as service providers; they guarantee the long-term organizational form required for a foundation and guarantee the investment of assets and reporting. In particular, legally dependent foundations – so-called sub-foundations – are usually designed as grant-making foundations without their own project work.

The sub-foundation is not a second-class foundation, but a good alternative if you feel connected to the Salvatorians and Steinfeld Monastery and would like to support their development in the long term.

By setting up a foundation under the umbrella of the Steinfeld Monastery Foundation, you can leave a lasting legacy.

Your foundation can be set up during your lifetime or upon death, taking into account significant tax advantages. The foundation can be set up quickly and easily, given your own name and given a statutory focus and thus the promotion of a specific area of ​​responsibility within the scope of the activities of the Salvatorians – e.g. B. in cultural or spiritual terms – serve.

And this is how easy it works:


Contact us

For an initial personal consultation, please contact us, either by telephone or via the contact form.


The purpose of the first meeting is to identify your wishes and needs and, together with you, to set out the initial planning for the design of a sub-foundation.

Set up your sub-foundation

We implement your foundation wishes with legal qualifications.

Sub Foundation

Martin Reinicke

Your personal contact

Martin Reinicke

Telefon: +49 (2441) 889-0
Telefax: +49 (2441) 889-128

Your sub-foundations can be placed here


Frequently asked questions and the answers

How do I set up a sub-foundation?

Creation of a sub-foundation
  1. Draft of a foundation concept and a foundation statute.
  2. Staffing of the foundation bodies, in particular the foundation board and the foundation advisory board.
  3. Endowment of the foundation with capital, usually at least €50,000 private or business assets.

What requirements must be met?

How do you set up a charitable foundation?

Establishing a foundation, the so-called endowment transaction, is a unilateral legal transaction.

The foundation statutes of the sub-foundation must contain the following information:

  1. Name of the founder.
  2. Type of foundation.
  3. Amount of wealth.
  4. Beneficiaries of the Foundation.
  5. Targets of the foundation that match the targets of the Steinfeld Monastery Foundation.
  6. Lifespan of the foundation.
  7. Foundation organs and committees that determine the transfer to the umbrella foundation, Stiftung Kloster Steinfeld

How much does it cost to set up?

Especially when setting up a foundation during your lifetime, you have to make sure that your own supply is secured. Otherwise there are no minimum limits, but there are recommendations. Experts estimate 50,000 to 100,000 euros as commercially sensible to set up an independent foundation.

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