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Help us to "live and preserve Steinfeld"

If you are looking to entrust the high demands of your giving to responsible hands, then talk to us. You can contact us here.

We will help you because we handle the assets you have entrusted us with so carefully and conscientiously that your donations are 100% received where they make sense and where they are of recognizable and transparent benefit to you.

We welcome both one-time and regular donations. You can also dedicate your donations to very specific projects with us.


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Foundation donation account
Kloster Steinfeld

Darlehnskasse Münster EG
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Our current goals

Education: Promotion of the Hermann-Josef-College

The Hermann-Josef-Kolleg urgently needs a new schoolyard. The successful reorganization of the monastery and its guest house led to the relocation of the schoolyard to the inner part of the building. As a result, a complete redesign of the schoolyard is necessary.

An initial project planning shows that this measure will cost over €300,000 over the next few years. (See “Projects” for more details). As a foundation, we want to support the school board in this major project.

You can help us with your donation.

Thanks very much!

Education: Children monastery week - summer holiday camp for students (age 10-14)

During the last week of summer vacation, up to 35 children between the ages of eight and 13 have the opportunity to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding Steinfeld Abbey. Under the motto “Sherlock Holmes”, the girls and boys can spend five days together and spend an exciting time solving puzzles and playing games.

Total costs for this holiday offer: around 6,000 euros

To ensure that the parents’ own contribution is not too high, the foundation covers part of the costs, for which we need your donations.

Thanks very much!

Culture: Klangraum - concerts in the Kloster Steinfeld monastery

Together with young musician, we again organizing three concerts in the Steinfeld monastery every year.

These concerts are entitled “Klangraum Kloster Steinfeld” and focus on classical music.

In order to keep the entrance fee within an acceptable range for everyone, we support these concerts financially with an annual sum of up to €6,000.

With your donation you can contribute to securing this cultural offer for the future.

Thanks very much!

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